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Request A Contract For Membership

If you would like to join us as a featured creative, please complete all sections of 

the form so that 

we can review your submission. 

Requests generally take up to a week to review, 

so please be patient.


* All requests must be submitted at least 

2 weeks prior to the first day of the next 

new month for consideration. 

* We only onboard new talent at the beginning 

of each month.

If selected, you must commit to a minimum of 

3 months to include at least one monthly event, promotion or program under contract.


Business Category/Creative Industry

Email Address*


What types of products, services or programming will you be offering at Zinah if you/your brand is selected.*

Membership Term (3,6,or 9 months, etc.)


Social Media*

How Many Years In Business?*

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