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Partner With Us: Artist & Creative Entrepreneur Memberships

Artists, Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs can partner with us by paying a monthly membership fee In exchange for 

designated retail space inside the boutique as well as recurring access to the gallery space for pop ups, classes, 

photoshoots, workshops, meetings, private showings & events etc. (subject to calendar availability)

Memberships also include our upcoming online sales platform.

Memberships are available in three different categories to suit your need and professional level, and are offered at Tri-Monthly, 

Semi-Annual, and Annual Membership Contracts. 

(Semi-Annual and Annual Memberships must be paid in full at contract signing and is offered at a discounted rate)

Creative Entrepreneurs must be an official registered business and hold their own liability insurance.


Artist and Creative Entrepreneur Memberships start at $200 monthly with Zinah retaining 20% sales. 

Food and Beverage Entrepreneur Memberships start at $300 monthly.

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